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独楽 ~ Japanese spintop ~ (2015)

balloon designer... @emijingu ..
Hair&Makeup .... Eriko Aioi
model ...chieko
photographer... @shingo_n_1983

全米大会twist & shout 準優勝作品
ニューヨーク個展『Japan twisted by p0p0 balloon』展示作品
US twist & shout 2nd place
One of the works for the exhibition in NY "Japan twisted by p0p0 balloon"





This is the first dress for the world championship.

Adopt the idea of a Japanese spin top into the skirt.

In order to strengthen the image of Japan, made this design arranging a Japanese fan in the back and the lower left of the skirt.

The skirt is covered some round balloon grain using by EMI JINGU original knitting "Double-layer weaving".

Also using a gold color spray to the bast to express luxury like lacquering.

Putting wires into the balloon hair accessories which shaped in various shapes.

This is the work that combined the core strength of a Japanese spin top and the unwavering mind and Japanese traditional culture.

-  ​VIDEO  -
movie.. keita tashiro  (EMIJINGUプロジェクトNY個展映像)
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